Free Disk Space came to live as a playground for experiments with reactive gui programming. Its first incarnation was on Windows platform and was written in F#, C#, and WPF.

The app was then natuarally ported to Mono Mac, but I was unhappy with the performance and generally with jumping through hoops to use some Mac OS X APIs. So the App was rewritten again for top perfromance in C++ and Objective-C. Ironicaly all reactive parts dissappeared in the process.


Free Disk Space App is maintained by a commited team of developers.

Brand guidelines

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Mark and logo

Use Free Disk Space App as the name of the application or the icons below.

Free Disk Space App Icon
Free Disk Space App Icon

Free Disk Space App

Free Disk Space App


The application should be referred as Free Disk Space App. Take a note of the bold Free word.

Free Disk Space App

Free Disk Space



We use gray and blue colors.